Alessandro Zenesini

After undergraduate studies in the laser diagnostic of thermonuclear ultra hot gases, he came to the ultracold side of physics. He took his PhD degree at the University of Pisa on dynamically-controlled quantum phase transition of Bose-Einstein condensates trapped in optical lattices under the supervision of E. Arimondo. He moved then to Innsbruck to work with R. Grimm and F. Ferlaino on the universality of Efimov physics in ultracold gases. The quest to new few-body physics phenomena motivated him to move later to Hannover in the group of S. Ospelkaus to build a new experimental apparatus dedicated to the creation of ground state molecules and the investigation of their collisional properties. Since 2019 he has a permanent research position in Trento where his interest is focused on magnetic phenomena in ultracold mixtures.

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