Russell Bisset

Russell Bisset studied and obtained his PhD at the University of Otago in New Zealand, where he researched both dipolar quantum gases and flat superfluid sheets to explore exotic phases of matter. His first postdoc was at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the United States, during which he studied quantum vortices and multi-component Bose-Einstein condensates. Russell then moved to Trento to work at the Pitaevskii Center for Bose-Einstein Condensation, working on numerous topics and producing some of the first theoretical studies on dipolar quantum droplets. In 2018, Russell headed north to Germany to work at the University of Hannover with Luis Santos. His research activities there involved supersolids, including a collaboration that experimentally realised the first dipolar supersolid. Russell joined the University of Innsbruck in 2020 where he is building a theoretical group focussed on ultracold quantum matter. Some of his research highlights since arriving include several exciting collaborations with the experimental group led by Francesca Ferlaino, for example producing the first 2D supersolids and the first quantum vortices in dipolar ferrofluids. Beyond physics, Russell also enjoys running and hiking in the mountains surrounding Innsbruck.

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